Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm Not Dead Yet!

Wow. May 13th, huh? Yikes, it has been a while! I apologize profusely for being beyond MIA over the past 6 (!!!) months, but I am slowly but determinedly working my way back to blog-dom. As many of you know, our beautiful son William Harvey came into our lives on July 23rd and we are just overcome with love and adoration for this little guy:
My absolute most favorite picture of my favorite little fella

In addition to the most incredible and terrifying new title of "mama", we also pulled off the impossible and survived the 1600 mile move down to Louisiana with all members of the family surviving in pretty good spirits. Kyle is really enjoying his new job, we've settled into a lovely little house on the Northshore of Lake Pontchatrain and we're really digging our new surroundings. 

So- now that we are settled and we've got our parenting feet a bit more under us, I have returned to the kitchen with a vengeance! On top of having this lovely new house (no more apartment living for us, which is a bit bittersweet), our kitchen came with a fabulous gas range- YESSSSSSSSSSS. Really, is there anything better? As I type this quick update, I'm watching my little lovie take in a snooze while the aroma of my first attempt at real Louisiana red beans & rice waft over from the kitchen. Awesomeness. So let's do this thing- I'm back, I have a couple of great back-logged recipes and entries to get up on here and I'm hoping this weekend should provide some time to get back to my other love and share my kitchen adventures with you all. If you've hung around waiting for me to come back, thank you so much for your loyalty, you make a gal feel truly humble. If you've somehow just recently come across this blog, welcome friend and I hope you stick around and enjoy the new adventures of The Humble Table.


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